Purpose of this Site

'Allowing College & University Bursars to Interact Online'
' Sharing Information Now for a Prosperous Future'

Because bursars and administrators only meet once or twice a year information is not always shared as it was intended.  So the purpose of this site is to help you share information on a more timely basis.

There are many times when you have an idea to change a procedure or create a new one in your office.  You discover it works great or saves you money so it becomes the new way.  You plan to bring it up at the next conference and let everyone know about it...ah....you can just hear the applause for this great idea.  Now the day has come and you are at the meeting.... and events have been planned and you are busy enjoying yourself and meeting with professionals in your field.  Your idea was 4 months ago and you have forgotten about it.  So now this new idea can not be shared by all the other college or university bursars in your state.  Has this happended to you? 

Well ! .. NOW... that does not have to happen again.  Because you have bursarsonline.com in your state.
Simply submit your idea, comment or question on the appropriate page of this site and it will be there
for all to review.  The pages are categorized by : Administration, Legal, Collections, Financial, Jobs,
Events and Press Releases.  Once you have selected your state (listed below) just go to the particular page that your idea would best fit and submit it there.  There is also a Bursar Alert System that will let you know if there are any situations occurring that you would need to be made aware of and they can be posted by you.  Additionally the jobs page allows you to post unlimited Job Openings that are available at your institution.

This is your website ....if you use it!!!   We will maintain it for you... free.



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